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A decade of humble service and couting...

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The FairyGodmother Charitable Trust

The Fairy Godmother is on her journey to find more Kumaris whose parents may have a job to call, but the family income may not suffice to break free from their present lot. Educating girl children like Kumari will help groom literate mothers who could support the family income substantially while also help creating a healthy, literate society. The FGMCT has started its efforts towards this objective since 2007-08 and plans to take the initiatives far and wide.


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Since its inception, The Fairy Godmother Charitable Trust has been supporting bright young girl children ......

Free Breakfast Program

Reduction in haemoglobin in most girls in teens creates problems with concentration etc. The reason for ......

Value Education

Sensitive to the growing rate of suicides among school children especially the teenagers, especially for issues ......

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Integrated Child Development services (ICDS) shared, "We have had a great collaboration with FairyGodMother. We have jointly done anthropometry of 3500 children and community campaigns.

- by Aravind