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A decade of humble service and couting...


Present initiatives of the Trust

Financial Support

Since its inception, The Fairy Godmother Charitable Trust has been supporting bright young girl children from class 3 to 12, securing between 1 and 10 ranks consistently, from families with family income of Rs.10000 or less per month.

The Trust pays the annual school fees, the cost of uniform and books for a year. The Trust has been successfully supporting 3 girl children on an average every year. The norms for selection of a beneficiary is kept school centric and therefore the consistency of support is dependent on how regularly the school sends the progress cards of the beneficiaries.

Free Breakfast Program

Reduction in haemoglobin in most girls in teens creates problems with concentration etc. The reason for this is inadequate nourishment. The Trust learnt that girls from typically class 8 to 12 invariably skip breakfast as the mothers are mostly top work maids or cooks or the like, who leave home at dawn.

As a small step towards helping the girls in the higher classes concentrate better and fare well in their academics, the NGO commenced the free breakfast program at St. Lourdes’s Girls’ Higher secondary school, Perambur, Chennai.

The trustees, with their own funds, bought gas stove, utensils and gas connection to make fresh and healthy breakfast at the school premises and serve for the children. The initiative had 57 enrolments in the beginning. Soon, the numbers exceeded 200 children.

Value Education

Sensitive to the growing rate of suicides among school children especially the teenagers, especially for issues like failure in examination, admonishment by parents or teachers etc., the Trust acquires value education books and distributes to schools targeting teenagers from class 8 to 12. The Trust distributed value education books to about 150 schools. The initiative has been well received by the schools. Going forward, the Trust plans to conduct interschool competitions on various topics from the books distributed, to ingrain the values in the young minds.